Handmade leather bags in India

Handmade Leather Bags in India

the concept of using nature friendly leather bags to the world. The bags produced by us are 100% eco friendly and are made using goat leather which is tanned without the use of any chemicals. These bags are handcrafted by artisans using traditional techniques in the desert state of Rajasthan.(Handmade leather bags in India)

We create premium luggage and small accessories – handmade today for the vintage of tomorrow.

Our products are both durable and timeless with a contemporary gender-neutral aesthetic(Handmade leather bags in India)

At heart, we believe in supporting Indian traditional industries and forging direct relationships with the people who bring our products to life.(Handmade leather bags in India)

We are a small skilled team, making each piece by hand in our workshop, guaranteeing an item that meets the highest quality standards, is specific to each customer, and is the opposite of the average run of the mill, mass produced item.(Handmade leather bags in India)

Vintage crafts is the inspiration born through our admiration for unique, custom made accessories for men and women across the globe. Items that have their one of a kind look, appearance just like the one who owns them. Items that could become just a part of the normal routine like they were never added. We present our retro style, vintage leather satchels, bags and backpacks. An essential accessory for the modern man, avaialabe in different designs and sizes our satcles are what you need to give your self a stand out from the crowd look . our overlander travel bags are what you want as a convenient yet fashionable travel option. Also the various options available In our product range along with the custom made option is exactly what you need to give life to your idea of a perfect accessory.(Handmade leather bags in India)

We are listed amidst the emerging Suppliers of Leather Backpack Bags and have been serving markets with the premium products. We are a quality-driven firm and actively engaged in making available high quality range of products that is designed and developed using the premium raw material.(Handmade leather bags in India)

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