Craftshades deals in wholesale leather goods in addition to their online retail store. We ensure to provide you with the greatest deal in terms of quality, bulk shipments, and best rates. 


Why wholesale leather bags are the finest in India


Since the ancient years, the Leather Market has been strongly rooted in India. It is very well-known that India is a source of the highest quality real leather materials as well as for highly skilled workers and artisans. India is renowned for having the best capability of producing and supplying leather. India thus has the edge over the other countries.


Why Craftshades for Wholesale Leather Bags in India


Craftsahdes is manufacturing and supplying wholesale leather bags for many years. We’ve specialized in this area for many years. 

Do you still have second thoughts about purchasing wholesale leather bags from Craftshades?

Continue reading to have all your questions answered and choose wisely.


The most experienced artisans


Our expert leather artisans who have been creating leather goods for generations make wholesale leather soft handbags. You can clearly distinguish between high-quality handcrafted items and those produced in large quantities by machines. Our handcrafted masterpieces have the same or even higher quality as wholesale Italian bags. 


Unbelievable prices with premium items


Our Premium Leather items are available for incredibly affordable pricing. You will receive authentic items with less strain on your pocket than the wholesale leather bag international markets because of our low pricing. We guarantee that the low prices do not influence the quality of our products.


Tightly arranged shipping circle


We value quick shipment and understand our customers’ need for it. Our group of skilled artisans makes sure to produce premium leather goods quickly without sacrificing quality.


Are you a custom wholesale leather bag manufacturer?


We do, in fact, produce wholesale leather bags upon request. We offer the greatest craftsmen for you if you need unique items for your private label. At reasonable pricing, distinctive goods will be created just for your business. Our handymen will meet all of your requirements. Also, you can additionally provide your designs and logos.


MOQ and Shipping Period


The following is the minimum order quantity that you can place with us:


  • Goat leather bags with 10–20 pieces, in each style.
  • Buffalo Leather Bags in 30 pieces
  • If you select a certain design from our website, we will produce 10 to 100 pieces for you in less time because these are always in stock.


Manufacturing Period


Depending on how many items are needed, it might take anywhere from 5 to 15 days.


Shipping Period


W deliver our leather goods with the best shipping services; delivery times might range from 5 to 8 days.


What types of wholesale leather goods are you able to produce?


We can create a huge selection of leather bags, such as:


 Wholesale Duffle Bags


Crossbody Leather Bags


Leather Messenger Bags


Leather Laptop Bags


Leather backpacks


Leather Journals & Diaries


Leather Hides


Butterfly Leather Chair 


Additionally, we can create any custom designs that our customer requests.

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