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vintage leather diaries in Rajasthan

vintage leather diaries in Rajasthan

We are Craftshades, Udaipur Rajasthan India Manufacturer of the ,Handmade Paper, Handmade Diary, Handmade Paper Photo Album, and Leather Journal, Notebook , Handmade Blank Journal , Handmade Paper Files & folders and other stationery items. The Udaipur city is famous for Handmade Leather Diary Journals. These Leather Journals and Handmade diaries are available in variety of patterns i.e. hand tooled embossed designs. The design in Traditional art includes figure in God of Ganesha , Krishna , Natraj , Om , Shiva, Buddha, Jesus, Cross, animal figure in Elephant, peacock, camel, Fish, horse, and various beautiful floral designs without any particular figure . The design in European art of Celtic leather Journal includes Celtic tree, Celtic Knots, Celtic animals, and many more. We also offer customize designs and logos. The Handmade Diary & Handmade leather diary Journal is exported to European countries UK , England, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands , Denmark Etc. Other than European countries our handmade diary and lHandmade leather Diary , Journal of Udaipur Rajasthan India is exported to USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong , Malaysia, Singapore and other countries. Handmade paper used in our diary and notebooks are eco-friendly, bio-degradable, wood-free, acid-free and free from destructive chemicals. Handmade papers are long-lasting and have great tearing and bursting strength. The handmade papers are elegant in look, esthetic in nature and provide many personalized products right from the heart.The Photo Album is made of handmade black paper plain and flower petals. In few cases it is white or cream color or in any other desired colors of 200 GSM to 300GSM. The paper used is acid free and hence protects the photos. The handmade papers are sewed with tissue paper in between to give extra safety to pictures. These beautiful wedding photo albums are available in many different sizes and best suitable for gifts and personal use.


We beleive in the ground principal that customers are esteemed to us, whe ther branded, low volume or high volume. Our infrastructure enables to offer a competitive price and a shorter lead time, our strength lies in the strategic role our employees play. We have gained specialization of manufacturing unmatched quality at competitive prices with high levels of quality standards and satisfaction

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