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udaipur leather art

Leather Art in India, plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of India’s economic structure. In India, leather industry was headed by the ‘Mochis’ who by processing dead animals would take the skin of the animals for tanning. Mainly people from the rural parts of India are engaged in the ancestral craft of leather art, designing and manufacturing.

History of Leather Art
The concept of leather art crept into the mind of the primitive man when he used to hunt animals for his food. Gradually, human beings discovered multiple uses of leather as they started employing animal hides for the purpose of manufacturing garments, carpets, decorative clothing accessories and building shelter. The trade of leather tanning was inaugurated in the distant past and developed in India by the period around 3000B.C. The ancient ‘sadhus’ and ‘rishis’ would use mats which were prepared from the skins of animals like tigers and deers. Leather was also used to make caps, armour, bags etc.

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