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leather bags exporter in india

Leather bags exporter in India
Craftshades was established in the year 2016 with the tribute of making handmade leather bags products in India. We provide with a huge range of leather bags and diaries. We offer you the best design and fashionable products of leather in India. All the leather accessories are available with various size, shapes and with best colors as per customers requirements. Our firm always used to work on other new techniques and experiment on it consistently. Therefore, we provide long-range of leather products which are stylish and fashionable. These are such as ladies handbags, gents wallets, leather wallets, etc. They are some leather products that are manufactured by the handicraft people. . Craftshades is a family that runs their leather products manufacturing bags of leather. Then exporter of all the leather products in all over India. After a small startup of the craftshades handicraft company, it has now become a leading exporter business for people in India. Our customers are based all over India. As we manufacture the design on a customer basis and requirements. Export the products with perfection to the customers and clients. Therefore, all the leather bags are export over all India. We sell traditional style, customer carefully assembled, and true old and vintage goods and design assistants to the world, and we have developed for having some expertise in vintage leather handbags, people’s leather goods and leather travel bags and so on. Leather bags exporter in India is perhaps the biggest maker of leather manufacturer and exporter in India. Craftshades uses best innovation and the best raw materials of leather sourced from around India.. We are continually developing and pushing limits to give top best leather goods and services. Having some expertise in the two people items, the company stays refreshed with all leather structures, items and coming innovation, just as improving and developing the products quality and manufacturing methods.
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